Reasons to Explain Why It Is Right to End Daylight Savings


Do not get puzzled when the terms daylight savings are mentioned since it is the practice of adjusting the clocks during the spring and winter seasons. The practice can be backdated to the early 20th century during the wartime in 1918 so that homes and companies could save the fuel and coal they use for the one hour. Most of the states in the United States as well as parts of Europe have continued using the daylight time savings years after the First World War was concluded. Most persons believe that daylight time saving is imperative since it helps the drivers to commute during the day when it is safe and also boosts the economy. However, there have been constant petitions to end daylight savings time petition saving since some individuals believe it is not okay. The article deliberates on the reasons to explain why it is right to stop daylight savings.

Sleeping is one of the fundamental processes in human health and tampering with the sleeping patterns can bring adverse impacts on people. Studies have indicated that the chances of heart attack rose by 10% for the two days after the one hour was added during the spring. It means that it is possible that so many people can lose their life or even suffer significant health challenges because of the daylight savings. Furthermore, distortion of the sleeping patterns also linked to the increased accidents that occur when the DST time is employed. Check out some more facts about daylight saving, visit

It is possible that some of the workers will have lower productivity when they attend work on Monday after the time change on Sunday. Most of the persons will have some hangovers because they are not used to sleeping for fewer hours, and hence they may not discharge their duties in the right way. It means that the productivity in the companies can go down for some days after the implementation of DST which can cause businesses to lose a lot of money in the process.

There is no doubt that about ten or so minutes must waste when the clocks are being adjusted forward or backward. Arguing like an economist, you will agree with me that the duration that is wasted when changing the clocks can be employed to perform other tasks that are crucial to the economy. It implies that DST time can have a negative impact on the economy of the country. In conclusion, the points raised in this article indicate that end of daylight savings time is not appropriate for the country and hence it should be stopped soonest possible.


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